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Tanzania Sign Language Training
Effective communication for deaf people must be sign language based. Unfortunately, many deaf children and adults in villages have no formal language and have never learned sign language. We are providing training in Tanzania Sign Language in rural areas and villages to both deaf and hearing people to enable the deaf community to have access to information and be able to communicate with their families and friends. We have already seen evidence that this is resulting in better community life experiences in their respective communities.
Our Projects
THe main projects that we have created or help run include:
Education - Sponsoring Deaf Children
We currently sponsor 10 deaf children to go to either Jubilee Secondary School or to Vocational Training Center (VETA). In Tanzania, opportunities for post-primary school education are very limited for deaf children. This is the first time in Tanzanian history that such a large number of deaf children have been given the opportunity to attend post-primary school!

As additional funds come in from our generous donors, we will continually increase the number of deaf students we sponsor. In 2010, it cost only US$250 per year to provide high quality education to a deaf student.
Sign Language Interpreters
We provide Tanzania Sign Language interpreters for key services such as Sunday church services at the main cathedral in the capital city of Dodoma, and in a number of regional centers as well. Bible studies, deaf sports programs and other work is also coordinated through our deaf ministry office in Dodoma.
Future Projects
Education - Kisasa Primary School for the Deaf
Kisasa is a privately-owned school for the deaf children aged from 5. The Diocese of Tanganyika (DCT) manages day to day administration of the school and Viziwi project provides technical and expertise advise to the school. The project also pays for part of the School's Administrator salary.

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