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About the Viziwi Project
VIZIWI is a partnership between the Diocese of Central Tanganyika (Anglican), headquartered in Dodoma, TZ and led by Bishop Mdimi Mohogolo, and Bethany Community Church, a non-denominational church in Laurel, Maryland, USA. The partnership has grown to include other churches and many individuals from the US who are passionate about Deaf empowerment; and we have recently begun collaboration with NGOs and the Tanzanian Deaf Association in central Tanzania.

The structure of the partnership can be broken down into two core teams which can be considered hubs. On the ground in Dodoma, we have a team comprised of Project Manager and Assistant Project Manager who oversees the day-to-day work of the project. In Washington, DC we have a team compromised of 4-5 key players whose primary responsibilities include fundraising, community awareness and advisory/consultation role. The the two teams work together to formulate short and long terms goals and set project priorities and vision.  
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Viziwi Partnership Teams

Dodoma Team:
  • The Bishop of the Diocese of Central Tanganyika (DCT)
  • Brian Atkins - Business Advisor to DCT
  • Ganana Kamwela - Project Manager
  • Wilson Masagazi - Assistant Project Manager & Lead TSL Instructor

Washington, DC Team:
  • Res Batamula - Project Coordinator
  • Christi Batamula 
  • Bobby Wheeler

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